Sasha Koss

I design, code and ship web applications for a living. I'm on the road since 2012 and visited 40+ countries. I work remotely whole my decade-long+ career.

Products I launched

Telepost - Grow Telegram channel generating a blog from itDiary Email - Write private diary using good old emailCultural Fit - Collaborative list of corporate culture traitsShred Guide - An interactive guide that will help to progress in snowboardingAsk User - User surveys without stressChirr App - Write, edit and publish Twitter threads.
Open source I made

date-fns - Modern JavaScript date utility libraryNyan CSS - Write plain CSS while reaping benefits of CSS-in-JSTypesaurus - Type-safe TypeScript-first ORM for FirestoreMore...
Blogs I write to

Go Indie (Telegram channel) - I document my journey to growing a sustainable business. I share what I've learned, productivity tips and ideas.Nomad Life (Telegram channel) - I live nomad life since 2012 and in this blog, I write about my experience.


I started my professional career in 2007, and since then I worked in various industries and technologies.

My current focus is on full-stack product development. I ship projects starting from idea, design, and code and ending with setting up infrastructure, marketing, copy, and sales.

My tech stack of choice is JavaScript in TypeScript flavor.

I believe that the role of the team-lead is not to assigning tickets to devs but helping the team to understand current goals, priorities and providing a productive environment. As a team-lead, I cultivate collaboration, engagement, and attention to details.

Latest roles

Team lead at Toptal
Jan 2013 – May 2017 (4.5 yrs)

I joined the company in the early days and participated in growing it from 10 to 150+ devs. I launched a bunch of major projects both as an engineer and team-lead. I was successfully managing agile cross-functional teams with up to 12 members.

Front-end engineer at Evil Martians
Mar 2011 – Jan 2013 (2 yrs)

I was writing front-end for high profile projects such as Groupon Russia and REN TV (one of the largest TV channels in Russia).

My trophy shelf

I won Golden Kitten at Makers Festival 2018. Cultural Fit got first place in the Social Impact category.Well, I'm working on it.